Candidacy: Jody Goldberg

'What is your name'
    Name: Jody Goldberg
    Mail: jody gnome org
    Nick: jody
    Affiliation: Ximian
    - Maintainer of Gnumeric and Control-Centre (plus misc associated
      libraries) although if someone wants CC they're welcome to it :-)
    - Contributor to many GNOME libraries and applications
    - Current board member
    - Member of Release Team
    - Open Source contributor since early 1990s (g++, wine, vim)
    - One time member of the C++ Standardisation committee.

'What is your quest'
    - Help expand the use of Gtk+ and GNOME in production
      environments (eg my mother in law's house, and the trading
      floor at an investment bank)
    - Advocate for GNOME Office and attempt to coral the herd of
      cats that we are into something approximating collaboration.
    - Apply lessons learned in developing a large application with
      GNOME toward finding common areas with other projects.
    - Try to keep GUADEC from overlaping with Passover again.  If
      you think Airline food is bad, think about kosher for Passover
      airline food and shudder.

'What have you accomplished this year'
    - The release time came together as a very effective force
      It was a pleasure to contribute to that.

    - GNOME Office is still not collaborating, and support for other
      projects is burgeoning.

'What is your favourite colour'
    - Blue

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