Candidacy Announcement

Name:		Malcolm Tredinnick
Email:		malcolm commsecure com au
Affiliation: 	None

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the board of the GNOME

I started playing with GNOME as a user back in early 1999 (just before 1.0 came
out, from memory) and began to contribute as a bug fixer and general nuisance
on mailing lists and IRC in mid-2000.

Currently most of my contributions are in the fields of helping out on a lot of
GNOME mailing lists and writing developer documentation. I have done a
reasonable amount of API documentation, along with writing a couple of
standalone documents aimed at helping developers use and distribute GNOME more
easily. I am interested in seeing GNOME continue to be pitched as viable
desktop platform to professional developers and would like to see more events
such as Sun's developer courses and the professional tutorials planned for next
year's GUADEC, along with online, self-teaching material for learning GNOME
development (a.k.a documentation). We seem to have reached the point where
GNOME is becoming a beautiful desktop, now we have to make it easy to install,
build and develop applications for.

I have some experience serving on large and small committees, including those
that influence events at a national level. Although I am not always bang
alongside the current development philosophy of GNOME at the detail level, that
does not seem relevant to the board's role and I can certainly set aside my
qualms to support the bigger picture.
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