Candidacy: Jonathan Blandford

[I too, throw my hat in the ring]

Name:           Jonathan Blandford
Email:          jrb gnome org
Affiliation:    Red Hat, Inc.

I nominate myself as a candidate for the 2002 election of the GNOME
Foundation Board of Directors.

I have been involved with GNOME since shortly after its inception.  I
initially wrote the AisleRiot solitaire program which appeared in GNOME
0.13.  Since then, I've worked on several GNOME projects including
GTK+, control-center, gmc, nautilus, gnome-libs, and most importantly,
gfloppy.  I also do a number of sysadmin tasks, and help with the
running of the boxes.

Over the past year, I have been an active member of the Board of
Directors[1].  I feel that I have been an effective member, and would
like to continue to serve on it.  I will bring a degree of experience
and continuity to the board.  I feel I have a very good working
relationship with many of the projects that make up GNOME and have done
a good job representing them.


[1] Tying for second in the prestigious Mike Newman Fantasy Board League

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