Candidacy: Jim Gettys

Name:			Jim Gettys
Email:			Jim Gettys hp com
Corporate Affiliation: 	Hewlett-Packard Company


I'm announcing myself as a candidate for the 2002 elections of the
GNOME Foundation board of directors.

The largest value I bring to Gnome is one of perspective to the operation 
of a number of different styles of organizations. Specifically, GNOME 
needs to continue to be open to contributions of all sorts, whether code, 
or translations, or web work, to UI design and graphics, to name a few.

While I don't currently write Gnome code itself, I do hack on the X Window 
System, as I have for a long time; most recently on the RandR extension.  
I've been on the Gnome board the last two years.

Full statement:

I've seen the damage done when open source organizations are not
fully open; this previously greatly damaged the X community, and we must
continue to reach out both to people interested in contributing to Gnome,
but also to other related projects.  Gnome itself cannot succeed if it
takes a parochial view of its mission, but must work well with other
groups (e.g. KDE) and projects (name your favorite configuration headache
here) if it is to succeed. 

I've also been working the font issue for Gnome and the larger community.  
I hope to be able to say alot more very soon on this front.

			 Jim Gettys

Jim Gettys
Cambridge Research Laboratory
HP Labs, Hewlett-Packard Company
Jim Gettys hp com

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