ANNOUNCE: DejaVu TrueType fonts version 1.0


DejaVu fonts version 1.0 are available on This version is the same as
second release candidate version 0.9.4 and with highest probability this
is the last version for some time.

It is possible to download both TrueType fonts and source files for
FontForge (number of simultaneous connections is limited to 3 from one

DejaVu fonts are Bitstream Vera fonts with some additional characters:
Dcaron, dcaron, Ecaron, ecaron, Ncaron, ncaron, Rcaron, rcaron, Tcaron,
tcaron, Uring, uring. All chars have kerning. No other changes (except for
fonts rename) were made.

All changes against Bitstream Vera fonts are placed in "public domain".

Have a nice day.

Stepan Roh

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