Re: Being honest about the development of f-spot

On 09/09/11 15:11, Tim Howard wrote:
On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 4:18 PM, Iain Lane <laney debian org> wrote:

I've come to the upsetting conclusion that f-spot ought to be declared
dormant until a new maintainer comes along to lead the project.

I can't count the number of responses I've crafted to this email and then erased. But the simple fact is at the moment my interests are elsewhere. It pains me to admit this but I think your assessment is correct.

f-spot does pretty much everything I want. The problems are bugs and instability. I'm not worried about new features and I'm perfectly happy using a dated, mature product if it does what I want. I only abandoned xmms when it became too difficult to install on new distros; it still beats a lot of the modern eye-candy hands down.


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