Re: Criteria for importing

Hello Tim,

> > This is new with 0.8, and makes f-spot so unusable for me that I quit using
> > it after being a loyal user since 0.0.2 in 2004.
> >
> > There is this bug I created:
> > which I don't think will
> > ever be solved.
> I'm sorry you are no longer using F-Spot and sorry both of you guys
> are experiencing this problem. I will try to take a look at it
> soon. I'm also trying to land some changes in master for future
> changes.

I believe noting that something broke in the md5sum code.  I didn't
take particular notice though, as I was really just hunting for the
differences in database versions, but the md5sum code (presumably the
part involving the DB) is definitely where I would look for errors

BTW, if you want to get rid of duplicate _files_, you can use any
duplicate finder and then clean up the DB using --- but alas that currently
doesn't support DB-versions newer than 16.5 (i.e. 17 and 18).  I
would, however, be more than happy to adapt it if you can send me such
a database file (want to make sure I get it right).

If f-spot modified the file _header_ on import (which it tends to do
for me), you unfortunately need a duplicate file finder which only
checks image contents (I have some such beast, unpublished --- mail
me, if you need it).

If you truly got duplicate database entries (i.e. one file, two or
more DB entries), it ought to be fairly simple to derive some SQL to
set that right --- but for that to work with the newer DB versions
would again mean I need to actually see such a file (or you just have
to trust my guesses, but would you?)

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