Re: Please, continue evonving f-spot

On Fri Aug 12 at 15:32 (+0200), Josep Cols wrote:
> On his bye mail, Tomas says than Shotwell is better than f-spot. 

That's not what I read in his email. I believe he said that shotwell
standed a better chance. And I do believe it does, because there's
actual support for shotwell and doesn't seem to be much left for f-spot.
Don't get me wrong, I still like f-spot better, but without anybody to
support its development, its long term chances of survival are slim, to
say the least.

If you want f-spot to survive, you'll have either to start working on it
or find somebody motivated who can work on it. And no, I'm not that
person, too busy with other stuff to do that.

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