Re: A small enhancement in RAW developing

On Fri, 4 Jun 2010 19:24:27 +0300
Anton Keks <anton azib net> wrote:

> I think that while Develop to TIFF may be a good idea, some people
> still would like to develop to JPEG, so in any case, TIFF shouldn't
> be the default.

If the extension has an option to switch the format I see no problem at

> Maybe a new smarter and more configurable extension is needed that
> supports many different programs.

I think it should read the command line parameters from a user
directory like ~/.config/f-spot/raw-developers-scripts , where every
single file stored in it provides the application name, the command
name, which kind of developing format provides (JPEG or TIFF or
something different), the input image parameter string (with a
placeholder like '% INPUTIMAGE %') and the output image parameter
string (with a placeholder like '% OUTPUTIMAGE %').

In the standard distribution you provide only the script for UFRaw
(because it match with the F-Spot license). The other scripts are
matter for the experienced user that knows what they needs.

> If you write something like that, everyone would be very happy, of
> course!

I'm not a C# programmer but I could adapt the DevelopInUFraw.cs to be
fully parametric. Nothing great, to be honest. :P

Jenner Fusari <jenner neurotix com>

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