A small enhancement in RAW developing

Hi all,
I think the "Develop in UFRaw" feature is a really good idea. I think
the only flaw of this function is the constrained JPEG output.
In a RAW developing workflow you work the RAW to get a TIFF; on that
TIFF you make all the editing needed... the final step is using the
TIFF to get the JPEGs out (for example, one for printing, one for web
publishing and so on). So, IMHO the Develope in UFRaw function should
constrain to the TIFF format... the rest of the workflow (editing the
TIFF and getting the JPEGs) matchs with the available
F-Spot's versioning function.

I took a look at the code in
extensions/Tools/DevelopInUFraw/DevelopInUFraw.cs and I think it's only
matter of changing line 128 from:

args += String.Format(" --overwrite --create-id=also --compression={0}
--out-type=jpeg {1} --output={2} {3}",


args += String.Format(" --overwrite --create-id=also --out-type=tiff
{1} --output={2} {3}",

and line 175 from: 

+ " (" + version_name + ")" + ".jpg"));


+ " (" + version_name + ")" + ".tif"));

Can be also a good idea to have 2 kind of the "Develop in UFRaw"
function: one for developing to JPEG and one for TIFF.

While I was looking at the code of DevelopInUFraw.cs I was thinking
that could be good to provide an extension for the main RAW developing
softwares (RawStudio, RawTherapee, Bibble and so on), so the user can
choose his preferred software for RAw developing (to be honest I tried
to setup an extension for RawTherapee but - don't know why - it won't
enter into the makefile sequence).

What's your opinion on those ideas?

Jenner Fusari <jenner neurotix com>

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