Re: A small enhancement in RAW developing

On vr, 2010-06-04 at 19:24 +0300, Anton Keks wrote:
> I think that while Develop to TIFF may be a good idea, some people
> still would like to develop to JPEG, so in any case, TIFF shouldn't be
> the default.
> Maybe a new smarter and more configurable extension is needed that
> supports many different programs.
> Once I started working on it, but I didn't finished it to be able to
> release. For me, it called LightZone instead and then checked the disk
> for newly appeared files and added them as versions.

That sounds like a good idea. Generally, I'm not accepting random new UI
features, but this sounds cool if it's designed well (come and talk to
us first).

Soon we are going to revamp the entire F-Spot user interface to make it
extremely much more awesome. At that point I'm going to become very
picky about new features: they have to be good and fit in the vision of
having a usable yet powerful photo manager. More on this in an upcoming
blog post which I'll hopefully post tonight.

So as a general rule: if you want to change stuff in a user visible way,
please talk to me first :-). Am not trying to be the evil maintainer
here, I want to make sure we get things right to make F-Spot super
awesome. This involves talking to designers (also, see upcoming blog)
and avoiding solutions that are not "the right solution".

All of this because the end goal still stands: become the best!

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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