Re: Want to "Save As" imported images

Hello All,

Thanks for your replies & help & suggestions.

The first thing I tried to do was right-click on an image, and looked for a Save As option. This is I think intuitive, and where casual users might expect to find this. If you are taking suggestions for future features/functionality, this might be one to add to the list.

I did install UFRaw over the weekend, with the aim of using it as a gimp plugin. I didn't realise it was compatible with F-Spot, so I will try this.

Gimp didn't seem to pick up on it though, so I ended up using it standalone. However, UFRaw rendered images quite different to F-Spot. The images looked absolutely great in F-Spot, but much darker in UFRaw - shadowed regions for example were almost black.

Would anyone have any suggestions as to why this is, and which is "right" (hopefully F-spot)? I'm not doing any processing or altering of the image - just the default settings.

I'll give ufraw+f-spot a whirl a bit later - i'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again,


2010/7/19 Jean Levasseur <levasseur jean gmail com>
> I'd also like to change the file type - I want to get these selected
> ones printed and am not sure if photo shop will support .NEF as
> opposed to .TIFF, RAW etc.

That would be the first step in the work-flow.  Those .NEF files are
Nikon's proprietary format for RAW pictures, or a digital negative.  In
order to get a useful picture out of it, you have to develop it.  To do
so, you can install UFRaw (Hit alt+F2 and paste the following in the box
(without quoting marks): "apt:ufraw" then press enter, it will install
the program from the repositories).  Then, after restarting F-Spot, you
should see Develop In UFraw in a right-click menu over one of these .NEF
files. Maybe you have to activate the "Develop In Ufraw" extension in

> However I want to "Save As" some of the photos, to a different
> location. How do I do this?

After having developed the pictures you like, drag'n drop them in a file
manager window to copy them there.

Hope it helps!


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