F-Spot DPAP (iPhoto) support with libdmapsharing?

I'd like to introduce the F-Spot developers to libdmapsharing, available
at http://www.flyn.org/projects/libdmapsharing/. This LGPL library
provides support for client- and server-side DPAP. With it, F-Spot could
share photographs with iPhoto, Apple TV, etc. and browse photographs
shared by other applications. Recent work on libdmapsharing includes
initial support for using libdmapsharing from Vala and improving DPAP
client-side support. I am very interested in finding someone who could
help write a C# wrapper for libdmapsharing.

Libdmapsharing can work fine without using any Apple products. I
maintain a server, dmapd, that can provide DPAP (photo) and DAAP (music)
services. Dmapd is available at http://www.flyn.org/projects/dmapd/. In
order to test DPAP sharing, one can run dmapd with "DMAPD_DEBUG=y dmapd
-f -p /path/to/photograph/directory/."

Libdmapsharing (master, available from GNOME Git) ships with a test
application, dpapview, that can browse DPAP photo shares and demonstrates
the use of libdmapsharing (using Vala) from the client side. Dpapview
is about 225 lines of Vala code. If you'd like to browse a DPAP share
on the local machine, then run "LIBDMAPSHARING_ENABLE_LOCAL=y ./dpapview."

Both Rhythmbox and dmapd demonstrate the use of libdmapsharing's
server-side API (using C).

If anyone is interested in libdmapsharing, please do not hesitate to
contact me.



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