Re: serious problem with upgrade to ubuntu 9.10q

On 11/26/2009 09:03 AM, Stephane Delcroix wrote:

Did you see this bug report?


Launchpad is not, afaik, the bug tracker for f-spot.
is. Unless the bug is on our bugtracker, it's unknown to us.



You might want to add a comment to it. It seems like (Ubuntu's) f-spot
chokes on something in your database, possibly a file or directory name
with some unwanted character in it. In the bug report I suspect the
colon (':') in the filename - colons are allowed in unix file systems
but Windows chokes on it... maybe Mono does not like it either? That
would be a bug...

F-spot-list mailing list
F-spot-list gnome org

No, but gnome-bugzilla is and as you'll have seen I have posted the bug there as soon as became clear what was happening:

Launchpad IS where Ubuntu-users might look first regarding bugs that bite them. The original poster is an Ubuntu user so Launchpad is the right place to start, especially given that Debian and Ubuntu have a tendency to change packages from upstream...


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