Re: Transition from MainWindow.Toplevel to App.Instance.Organizer

Regarding the Close () of QueryWidget and the two lines I think we don't need any more in the ctor of MainWindow.cs.

543    query_widget.HandleChanged (query);

Added 2006 by Gabriel Burt. This is not necessary any more as this is called implicitely by UpdateFindByTagMenu (), which is called in MainWindow's ctor before.

544    query_widget.Close ();

Added by Maxxer, "Correctly set Find > Show/Hide find bar menu entry on startup". I don't think this is necessary as the Close () is called before several times. The mentioned UpdateFindByTagMenu () is calling the Close (), too, as the QueryWidget is visible by default on creation.
As far as I can tell it was not needed then, as it was called before, too.

Nevertheless, this will remove two lines of code and save a little bit of startup processor work, but won't us help much getting rid of the MainWindow.Toplevel dependency.

A Patch:


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