Transition from MainWindow.Toplevel to App.Instance.Organizer


As some of the changes in f-spot's git source broke my tabbed sidebar addon I tried to look a bit deeper into what had changed and why the transition is not as easy as replacing MainWindow.Toplevel with App.Instance.Organizer. (And, of course, MainWindow.Toplevel.Database with App.Instance.Databes -- which is absolutely no problem).

I'd really like to do something here -- so /please let me know/ if this is complete nonsense and/or there is another strategy for the transition to use unique#'s App exclusively and/or there is another reason why my thoughts and suggestions to remove some of the constructor dependencies are not welcome.

In theory, the MainWindow.Toplevel is referencing the same MainWindow instance as App.Instance.Organizer (see The only problem is at startup. The constructor of MainWindow is doing tons of stuff and if there is any reference to App.Instance.Organizer in any method which is called by the constructur this causes an infinite recursive loop of MainWindow instantiations.

I discovered a few lines where it is now not possible to use App.Instance.Organizer instead of MainWindow.Toplevel. For example:

src/Widgets/InfoBox.cs:191: InfoBox() is instantiated in the MainWindow constructor. The constructor of InfoBox is calling SetupWidgets(), and SetupWidgets is using MainWindow.Toplevel.Window to get out the Gdk.Color to draw the histogram widget. To get rid of the MainWindow.Toplevel dependency, which would be nice, I think, would be either to use default colors and create a method to set the colors afterwards or to create a InfoBox ctor parameter accepting a Gdk.Color.

Other affected lines:


What do you think?


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