Re: preloading of images

f-spot 0.6.x already loads images faster than before, but still, I
admit, it's not fast enough.

We're currently loading and displaying as fast as libjpeg is able to
process them.

One option would be pre-loading images, another would be a better and
faster jpeg decoding...


On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 18:42 +0200, Sergiy Zuban wrote:
> I've just upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 with hope that f-spot 0.6.x works more 
> faster, but IMHO it still opens images (especially > 12Mpix) too long. I 
> think it's very important for 99% of users to be able to open the 
> next/previous image as quickly as possible (currently it takes about 
> 1-1.5 sec on my core 2 duo laptop).
> Also I've installed Picasa 3.5 under Wine and it works 3 times faster! 
> How that could happen? Maybe it's time to think about 
> preloading/preprocessing/caching of images?

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