sub 60-second time adjustments

I don't seem to be able to make a sub-60-second time adjustment to a
group of selected photos.

When I'm in the Adjust Time dialog, the time setting to the right of the
Calendar pull-down has only per-minute granularity and even when I put a
sub-60-second value into the "difference" field below that, the
Action->Shift all photos by __:__:__ stays at 00:00:00.  I can only seem
to get that field to change by whole minutes as well.

"So what's the big deal" you might say.  "Who would want to adjust
anything less than a minute" you might ask.

Imagine you have 5 different cameras all shooting the same "procession"
or "parade".  Ideally you want to be able to adjust for time differences
in the cameras and keep the order of the procession/parade intact and
linear.  Eventually you will get to the point of making single second
adjustments to get the ordering and linearity correct.



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