Re: sub 60-second time adjustments

Brian J. Murrell wrote:
"So what's the big deal" you might say.  "Who would want to adjust
anything less than a minute" you might ask.

[ ... ]


I've stopped using f-spot for time adjustments. I find it easier to use exiv2. This is usually because I'm adjusting a load of images to correlate with their 'real time' as photographed on my GPS, and often I'll be typing, (as I was an hour ago), something like:

   exiv2 -a -00:00:03 *

on a folder of jpegs to align them to the correct time.

I use f-spot almost entirely for the tagging and basic cropping and not much else.

At the moment my digital toolkit is outlined at:

except I've stopped using anki and gone back to mnemosyne.

Note that you can run exiv2 against images that are within the f-spot database and it doesn't seem to matter. I also do this with exifer (MS Windows program) against images in my f-spot collection without any problems.

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