Re: Adding geolocation support

Pierre-Luc Beaudoin wrote:
Gnome external dependency.  It is my understanding that you are working
on osm-gps-map because your hardware has no 3d acceleration.

Yes, and I found the code rather simple (maybe it has less functionality).

May be
could you write your code in a way that we can switch to libchamplain

Sure. So far the only APIs required from the widget is a SetCenter(latitude, longitude) method. :-) In the future I'm going to use also a method to convert from pixel coordinates to geographic coordinates. Not much more than that, so I guess any map widget should be usable there.

The current plugin displays location of the selected images in a
sidepane too.

In which branch is this code?

At the moment I'm mostly interested in getting the geographic search functionality available, so the map widget choice is not my main concern; for practical reasons I'll continue developing with OsmGpsMap, but I'll keep in mind that this dependency might change.


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