Re: How does F-spot handle metadata

On 03/29/2009 04:55 PM, Anton Keks wrote:
It seems that F-Spot also uses the Adobe's XMP format for storing keywords
and description inside of JPEG and PNG files. For parsing of XMP it uses the
SemWeb RDF library.
XMP is what Adobe programs also support for such kind of metadata, including
licence info. I am currently looking on how Lightroom reads/writes such data
using VirtualBox:-)

You know that Exempi is actually the Adobe XMP SDK wrapped in C apis....

If does not implement the semantics (because that is out of scope), but it output things the same way as any Adobe software.

Look at XMP, it seems to be the way to go for licenses. Lightroom also
provides the possibility of attaching licenses in the import dialog. F-Spot
could use a similar design:-)

liblicense already support writing license using XMP. Liblicense is an official CC project.


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