Re: Tag Icon not changed when spin button changes in Tag Icon Editor

it's a bug in gtk+ 2.16, solved in gtk+ 2.16.2. Ask your distributor to
package and distribute 2.16.2


On Sun, 2009-06-07 at 13:38 +0200, David Poetzsch-Heffter wrote:
> Hi.
> I seem to have a bug here with F-Spot version running on mono
> 2.0.1. I am using Ubuntu 9.04.
> It seems to be the very same problem like the one posted here:
> When I try to use the spin button the image does not change at all. I
> made some further tests and found out that only the last 10 images of a
> tag can not be displayed. This means if I have a tag with 50 images I
> can view all of them up to the one numbered with 40. If I have less than
> 11 images it is only possible to view the first one.
> While I don't know how it was patched the last time I was not able to
> make further researches.
> greetings,
> David.
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