Re: Create Tag: bug or feature?

2009/1/26 Lorenzo Milesi <lorenzo milesi yetopen it>:
> Il giorno lun, 26/01/2009 alle 00.34 +0200, Dotan Cohen ha scritto:
>> When I right click a photo and select Attach Tag -> Create New Tag I
>> have the last tag searched for as the selected Parent Tag. Is this
>> intended behaviour?
> i think so. it happens also if you create a tag with the type-to-tag.
> it uses the currently selected tag as parent.

Thanks, Lorenzo. The problem is that often one has a tag selected that
he is unaware of. I suppoese _that_ is the underlying problem. Steps
to reproduce:
1) Select tag
2) Clear tag bar (the user now thinks that he has no selected tags)
3) Create new tag
4) Be annoyed that a parent tag is selected!

It turns out that there is a tag selected, however, the user does not know it!

Dotan Cohen


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