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Il giorno dom, 11/01/2009 alle 13.15 -0500, Dave Sill ha scritto:
> I've got some JPGs that F-Spot can't display, but the gimp and other
> programs don't have any problems with them. Is this a known problem,
> or should I report it, and, if so, where?

f-spot version?
try running f-spot --debug from command line and import one of that
jpeg. you should have some messages on console, post those messages.

> Now that I've tagged most of my 15,000 photos, I've started going
> through and editing (red-eye, straighten, crop). Is there any way
> within F-Spot to remove a modified version? How about undoing an edit
> operation?

Photo > Delete version

> Occasionally I come across a photo that I'd like to fork into two
> different photos. E.g., a full-length portrait and a close-up. Is
> there any easy way to do that? I mean, I can do it easily enough, but
> F-Spot will only show one of them and there's no obvious indicator
> that multiple versions exist.

there are requests filed on bugzilla for both your requests: split a
photo version as a new photo and differentiate photos with versions.
and, eventually, display all photo versions in icon view.

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