Re: resize, then save as resized and renamed

There's a "Resize" extension you can get and install using the "Manage
Extension" dialog on f-spot >= 0.5.0



On Sun, 2008-10-12 at 09:32 -0600, Teresa binstock wrote:
> I like to set up my own dated-directories - eg, 08-10-12 Test-shoot -
> and therein save processed photos that retain their original image
> number and include a few identifiers - eg, IMG-00142 Elk in front
> yard.jpg.  
> Saving as resized jpgs is important to me.  Raw files are large, I
> often don't save (photoshop) PSD or DNG of the opened image,
> preferring to save the original raw and the processed (smaller) image.
> In F-spot, I found how (theoretically) to resize for email. That
> didn't work. Regardless, I'd like to be able (from within F-spot) to
> resize the image and to save it. Afterwards, I can email the image if
> and when I want to. 
> Is there a way - in the primary editing screen - to resize the image,
> then save-as?
> Thank you.
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