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Il giorno mer, 19/03/2008 alle 15.55 +0100, J Dickin ha scritto:
> Many thanks for your help.  Unfortunately the directory I have set up
> on the new drive is different (because the user names are different).
> So I cannot get the tags and the photos to synchronise.  Is there a
> way round this?

starting from scratch would be like this:
1. On your old PC install syncmetadata extension and run it (under
tools). it's going to take LONG. This will store your tags to the
pictures, and ensure your pic reflect the exact status of the db.
2. copy your db to the new machine. 
3. run f-spot on the new machine, remove all the pictures from catalog.
4. copy your pictures to the new location
5. reimport all your pictures to the new f-spot from their new location
(beware that you should import small batches of pictures per time, let's
say 1000 or 2000, depending on your pc memory and your patience).

you should now have mirrored your f-spot archive. you should have your
tags reassigned automatically.

I think this is the best way for moving your archive, without touching
the db.
I may not have been very clear, feel free to ask if you miss something.


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