Re: Transferring Photos

Do you know a scripting language (perl, ruby, python, awk)?  Attached,
find a rename in ruby

1. make a backup of your photos.db file
2. make absolutely positively sure that you correctly made a backup of
your photos.db file
3. Edit the newname function of the attached ruby to your needs (this
is the tricky bit ;^).  This version
    moves from /home to /users.
4. Execute and pray if you so inclined.  Note that the actual update
is currently commented out
   (see comment) so that you can see what it does before doing it.

Do not forget to backup your photos.db file first!!


On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 3:55 PM, J Dickin <j dickin wanadoo fr> wrote:
>  Many thanks for your help.  Unfortunately the directory I have set up on
> the new drive is different (because the user names are different).  So I
> cannot get the tags and the photos to synchronise.  Is there a way round
> this?

Attachment: rename.rb
Description: application/ruby

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