Re: Problem with tags & metadata files (IPTC)

On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 18:46 -0400, Marco Laverdière wrote:
> The "exiv2 -px" command reports the right tags (i.e. the ones set
> with F-Spot) while the "exiv2 -pi" command reports the "older" ones
> set with Digikam.  So, as far as I can understand, F-Spot and Nautilus
> are using a different tagging method (XMP) than Digikam, Jbrout and
> Gnome Commander (which use IPTC ).

That's what it is.

> Can someone confirm me if I'm right and, if yes, what would the method
> to convert XMP to IPTC?

I think Perl ExifTool should be able to. It is not really converting. It
is just copying the IPTC data from the XMP to am IIM chunk (old and
deprecated storage)


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