Re: Synchronizing

On Jan 10, 2008 2:34 PM, Lorenzo Milesi <lorenzo milesi yetopen it> wrote:
> Il giorno gio, 10/01/2008 alle 09.14 -0500, Richard Krone ha scritto:
> > Are there currently efforts to do this? Has the issue even come up? This type of feature is something that would set F-Spot apart from the Picassa's of the world.
> There's which aims to sync two f-spot
> installations (among the rest). Actually it's one way only.
> ciao
> maxxer

The conduit SVN version has support for basic two-way sync of f-spot,
this might be shipped in the next release of Conduit which is due
shortly. I think all the necessary dbus interface machinery is in
F-Spot trunk now. So hopefully for GNOME 2.22, this should just work
for people using F-Spot and Conduit.. The only downside is that the
F-Spot UI must be running to do this kind of syncing. Hopefully long
term F-spot might implement something like Banshee "2".. Which (I
believe) accesses it's database over dbus...

With the f-spot -> conduit interface implemented we can two-way sync
with a variety of photo sites, any file system that GNOME VFS supports
(including SSH), removable devices (eventually i hope to add iPod
(with camera attachment) support) and other f-spot instances on the
network (discovered using Avahi ZeroConf).

Obviously this is a small project working on many different areas at
once so if F-Spot syncing is important to you, we'd welcome any


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