Re: Subfolder for original versions

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 12:04:00PM +0200, Patrick Meyer wrote:
> The main idea of this subfolder thing is to be able to use other programs or
> means to view the pictures of a folder, and to avoid to see with those
> external programs or means the different versions of the pictures (which
> might produce a "boring" effect ;-) ).

When I read this the first time I wondered about the opposite: someone
else might want only the originals.

It's always bothered me a bit that the modified files get written to
the same place the photos are stored (and with a modified filename).
I would tend to use a separate directory tree or a .modified
directory.  The thumbnails, after all, are not stored with the images
(yes, I realize they use the system thumbnail support).

Anyway, this is the kind of feature that I'd just write a script to
do -- just walk the photo directory and create hard links in a new

It would be slightly easier if the file name was not altered for
the modified files (easier to look in a different directory for a file
of the same name instead of some pattern matching on the file name).

Hum, does the "photo_versions" table track every photo change?  I seem
to have more files with the name "Modified" than in the database.

sqlite> select * from photo_versions;
6062|2|Modified|file:///media/store/photos/2008/03/02/p1050112 (Modified).jpg|0
6685|2|Modified|file:///media/store/photos/2008/05/04/p1050583 (Modified).jpg|0
1842|2|Modified in GIMP Image Editor|file:///media/store/photos/2007/09/01/p1030923 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor).jpg|0
6758|2|Modified|file:///media/store/photos/2008/05/29/p1050651 (Modified).jpg|0
6758|3|Modified in GIMP Image Editor|file:///media/store/photos/2008/05/29/p1050651 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor).jpg|0

But, there's a lot more in my photos directory:

moseley bumby2:/media/store/photos$ find | grep -i modified
./2008/05/29/p1050651 (Modified).jpg
./2008/05/29/p1050651 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor).jpg
./2008/05/04/p1050583 (Modified).jpg
./2008/03/02/p1050112 (Modified).jpg
./2007/08/29/p1030692 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/25/p1030531 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/25/p1030540 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/22/p1030331 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/27/p1030629 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/27/p1030642 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/31/p1030843 (modified).jpg
./2007/08/31/p1030834 (modified in gimp image editor).jpg
./2007/08/31/p1030786 (modified).jpg
./2007/10/21/p1040397 (modified).jpg
./2007/10/21/p1040334 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/29/p1040198 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/29/p1040216 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/15/p1030984 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/15/p1030993 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/01/p1030923 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor).jpg
./2007/09/01/p1030916 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/01/p1030935 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/16/p1040025 (modified).jpg
./2007/09/16/p1040049 (modified).jpg

sqlite> select count(*) from photos where uri like '%modified%';

Perhaps I re-imported the images at one point.

Bill Moseley
moseley hank org
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