Re: Subfolder for original versions

The main idea of this subfolder thing is to be able to use other programs or means to view the pictures of a folder, and to avoid to see with those external programs or means the different versions of the pictures (which might produce a "boring" effect ;-) ).

Tags will be of no help, as the external program will not be able to read them. I don't know if creating links is the right thing, as I'm far from being a programmer.

In my eyes, what might be a solution would be an extension which, when run "manually", moves all "not displayed" versions into that subfolder if they are in the main folder.

2008/8/19 Jean Jordaan <jean jordaan gmail com>
> I could imagine a f-spot-fs wich could be implemented as a FUSE
> filesystem that communicates with F-Spot via DBus.

Would be cool but a tree of links would be just fine too.

> But no, I'm not volunteering. :-)

Likewise :-]

jean . .. .... //\\\oo///\\
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