Subfolder for original versions

Hi all,

I'm looking for a feature in f-spot that would really enhance my life ;-) ... but apparently it is not yet available. So let me briefly describe it with a motivation:

Imagine that I have a directory with pictures called "2008-08-18-Holidays" which I imported into f-spot. I think that it would be a nice feature to allow the user to specify a subdirectory of this directory where f-spot would put the original pictures which have been modified, and the modified versions which are not currently displayed in f-spot.

You may wonder why such a thing?

Simply because I might want to use another program to view the pictures of "2008-08-18-Holidays", or view them remotely on other devices (as my TV), and then the original pictures or other versions should not appear in my slideshow. If they were stored in a special subdirectory, only the selected modified version would appear in "2008-08-18-Holidays", which would make me very happy ;-)

Anyone interested by a similar feature? Anyone got a solution to my problem?

Thanx for having read my request ...


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