Re: Refresh thumbnails: Request for Help

Hi Christoph (and list),

On Nov 19, 2007 10:09 AM, Girish Kulkarni <girish hri res in> wrote:
> > from scratch. F-spot should recognize all tags written to the files
> > (as long as they are JPEG, at least). If this crashes too, you
> > have encountered a bug which should be reportet to bugzilla;
> > the developers will help you out then.
> Hmm ... okay. I think I'll have to do that. Thanks for your help though.

An update: I still haven't been able to make F-Spot work this way. But
before going to Bugzilla, I though of running it with --dubug.
Surprisingly, everything is fine with that! I could import images, tag
them, manipulate them and so on without problems. I can even shut down
and restart f-spot smoothly, keeping the --debug intact. (f-spot
without --debug still does not work, though.)


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