Re: Time Issues.

Thanks for replying. Comments inline.

Bengt Thuree wrote:
I can see two solutions, 1) Do not manipulate the time in EXIF at all, at least then we know what
we have :) No matter from which camera we import the photos.

I think this is best. Unless there is a very good reason to modify a file, it shouldn't be modified. This also happs to play havoc with my rsync backups.

2) Add a timezone field to each photo. This solution is the best, but
currently mono is not handling timezone's. (will handle it not to far
into the future though).

Is this really necessary? I don't know anyone who actually goes and modifies their time in their camera when they travel. I certainly don't, and even if I do, the time in my laptop doesn't change. Since the camera doesn't encode the timezone, it wouldn't solve any real issue.

I think that time management is solving a problem for a relatively small number of cases while breaking it for many more. Really, unless photo sharing is happening, and the two or more cameras are in different timezones, there is no problem using the time as it is. How often does that happen? Basically when two or more people from different timezones meet up. And those are the cases when the user should manually go and change the time using the time tool in f-spot.

Further, when that person sends me a photo and I import it, the time gets readjusted and then it really means nothing.


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