Re: account request

Done.  You should received an e-mail w/ your temporary password.

On 3/21/07, Richard Bronosky <mythtv bronosky com> wrote:
On the page States

Install the pre-requisite packages
    On Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) the following should be sufficient:
        sudo apt-get install automake1.9 build-essential intltool
libtool subversion
        sudo apt-get build-dep f-spot
    In Edgy you install them as per below
        sudo apt-get install mono-gmcs libmono-sqlite2.0-cil

It turns out that Edgy also needs intltool to be 'apt-get install'ed.
I'd like to update this page to save others the trouble I just went
through.  Please create an account named RichardBronosky (anonymity be
damned) so that I may contribute to the community.

Thank you.

.!# RichardBronosky #!.
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