Re: Category Icons Not Rotated Correctly


Thanks for the fast response. I have found that the icons that are
below the thumb-nails can be turned on or off under the VIEW >>
DISPLAY TAGS check-box option. But what I also was referencing was the
inability to turn off the F-Spot created icons that appear in the icon
tree on he left of the screen.

I personally hate the icons F-Spot creates from the images it has
imported into it.

Does that clear up what I am talking about or is there really a way to
disable the Category Icons that F-Spot creates from the imported


On 7/9/07, Gabriel Burt <gabriel burt gmail com> wrote:
On 7/9/07, Richard Krone <richard krone gmail com> wrote:
> I expected, I guess, to see that the F-Spot created category icon
> would rotate as well. It did not.

F-Spot stores the icon image directly in the database, with no linkage
to the photo it was taken from.  There has been talk about storing
which photo it was with the offset/size of the icon, and there is a
relevant bug filed.

> Personally I find the thumb-nailed icons created by F-Spot to be
> rather ugly and useless for my needs. I would love to see a way to
> turn these off as well.

As of release 0.3.5 you can adjust the size of the tag icons or turn
them off completely.


Sincerely yours,
Richard Krone

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