Re: F-Spot slow when scrolling 8000+ pictures

The thumbnails are shared between F-Spot, Nautilus and other GNOME apps
that make use of GnomeThumbnailFactory.

I think the reason that PNG is used by GNOME is because the pixbuf loader can
handle the saving/restoration of metadata associated with a PNG image.
I'm almost sure that the JPG pixbuf loader doesn't let you fish out any
metdata from a JPG file.

F-Spot, at a more than quick glance, seems to use the thumbnail metadata for
some purpose.  GnomeThumbnailFactory itself uses the metadata to make
sure the thumbnail actually corresponds to the correct image by checking
mtime and uri.


On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 06:24:14PM +0000, Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
> Argh! Who implemented this? One single folder with lots of file will
> be slow on almost all filesystems. It needs to either be partitioned
> or to store thumbnails in the DB.
> And another thing - why the hell are the thumbnails in PNG???? Just
> taking such thumbnail and resaving it as 50% quality JPEG reduces the
> size tenfold. I can be that it also improves the speed too.
> Can we, please fix that? ANd along the way, can we make Gnome people
> fix nautilus too?

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