managing raw files

I am using f-spot for some month now and there is only one thing that worry me. I shoot exclusively in raw format and even if this format is supported in f-spot, I still do not know how it can be integrated in what f-spot is for : photo management. I don't care for editing raw files in f-spot, I use ufraw for that. But I would like to be able, when looking to a jpeg file, to know which raw file have been used to generate this jpeg, and to launch ufraw on this file for modifications in one clic. - Versions may be used for this, but for now, if a new version of a raw file is generated, it is a raw file, not a jpeg. It is not clear for me, if and how I can make a link to an other version. - Jpeg files could be "assign" to a raw file, as a new version of the raw file. - Ufraw ID files could be include in the catalog with the associated jpeg as a way to find the original raw file and the settings used to generate the jpeg.

It is quite complicated to find the right way to manage raw files, and I think that this format should not be treated the same way as other image formats.


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