F-Spot 0.3.3

Larry released F-Spot 0.3.3 yesterday. This version, as 0.3.2, was
mainly focused on fixed the latest bugs introduced by 0.3.1 and also on
fixing some quite old bugs.

>From the NEWS file: 
f-spot 0.3.3 - Feb 05 2007 - Pancakes 
      * Fix the insensitive editors problem.
      * Lots of other fixes

Get it from the usual place (http://f-spot.org), read the full Changelog
from svn logs (the Changelog file is no longer uptodate) and get the
full list of closed bugs on bugzilla.

Enjoy this release, it's 'the better F-Spot so far' but the development



Stephane Delcroix
stephane delcroix org

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