Re: Hidden Tag

Hi Alex,

the Hidden tag lost a part of its meaning as a tag with the new queries
that were introduced in the 0.3 series. (in the past, all tags were
AND'ed). this thing need some thoughts for the future versions...

in the meantime, keep teaching boolean algebra all around ;)


On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 13:40 +0200, Alexis Guillaume wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Before I complain about a tiny minor detail, I'd like to say that
> f-spot is a great piece of software. 
> One feature I particularly like is the "Hidden" tag. I know many
> sociopath who would ask no permission to use my laptop and could
> accidentally see some private pictures.
> However, when I am alone or with my girlfriend, I don't mind if hidden
> photos are shown. Right now, if I want to see them with the others
> photos, I must do a little boolean algebra : (Hidden AND [the tags I
> wish to use]) OR [the tags I wish to use]. A typical use case is the
> tag "Girlfriend", which contains both normal and hidden pictures.
> As a computer scientist, I am used to this ; but I had to teach a bit
> of algebra to my poor poor girlfriend. It is also a bit painful if you
> want to see many tags at the same time.
> What about a check box or something to always or never include Hidden
> photos ?
> Thank you for your attention,
> Alexis Guillaume.
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