Hidden Tag

Hi everyone.

Before I complain about a tiny minor detail, I'd like to say that
f-spot is a great piece of software. 

One feature I particularly like is the "Hidden" tag. I know many
sociopath who would ask no permission to use my laptop and could
accidentally see some private pictures.

However, when I am alone or with my girlfriend, I don't mind if hidden
photos are shown. Right now, if I want to see them with the others
photos, I must do a little boolean algebra : (Hidden AND [the tags I
wish to use]) OR [the tags I wish to use]. A typical use case is the
tag "Girlfriend", which contains both normal and hidden pictures.
As a computer scientist, I am used to this ; but I had to teach a bit
of algebra to my poor poor girlfriend. It is also a bit painful if you
want to see many tags at the same time.

What about a check box or something to always or never include Hidden
photos ?

Thank you for your attention,
Alexis Guillaume.

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