Re: merging 2 dbs

Should a method like this where you don't have to modify your jpegs be
built into F-spot? I think it would be very usefull for those who, of
one reason or another, don't like to modify their jpegs.

On 8/2/07, ulugeyik <durduran hotmail com> wrote:
> hmmm. This is not a *supported* method but you might be able to do something
> with it. I used it in the past to edit some paths.
> find your two databases, call them photos1.db and photos2.db
> (the usual place is: ~/.gnome2/f-spot/ )
> make sure these are extra copies/backups.
> sqlite3 photos1.db .dump > photos1.dump
> sqlite3 photos2.db .dump > photos2.dump
> then edit these with text editors, or try to concatenate them.
> sorry. too lazy to try the method.
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