Re: Comments on fullscreen dialog

On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 16:14 +0200, Thomas Van Machelen wrote:
> Hi Warren,
> 2007/4/5, Warren Baird <photogeekmtl gmail com>:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > With Stephene's help, I've managed to get the most recent svn build
> > working with my existing photo db.
> >
> > So far my impressions of the changes over the last few months are
> > positive, except for the dialog that shows up in fullscreen mode when
> > you press a key or move the mouse.
> >
> > I have basically 2 main use cases for full-screen mode:
> >     1: showing photos to people.   I rarely use slideshow mode for this,
> > because there's no pause, forward or back controls.
> >
> >     2: reviewing photos - here I regularly use the forward and next keys
> > to move between photos, and quite often press '1' and scroll around in
> > full resolution mode to see how sharp the picture is.
> >
> > In both of these modes, the current dialog is far more annoying than
> > useful   It's near the bottom 1/3 line of the photo, where a lot of
> > people say you should put the interesting things in your photo, and it's
> >   big, quite a bit larger vertically than it needs to be.
> >
> You're not the first one to comment on the new fullscreen overlay
> position; there already is a simple patch that relieves some of your
> grieves; feel free to check it out:

Thanks for the feedback everyone, and to a large extent I agree with the
issues mentioned (definitely try it with a composited desktop though).
Above and beyond the problems already discussed the dialog will get a
lot of improvements sometime in the near future.

It might help to understand that I wrote the current dialog, got it
mostly working, then got stuck in a code freeze/release crunch for
SLED10 sp1.  That work is wrapping up and interface polish is a priority
for the next cycle.  I hope to publish a rough development roadmap for
the coming year in the next month or so.


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