Comments on fullscreen dialog

Hi all,

With Stephene's help, I've managed to get the most recent svn build working with my existing photo db.

So far my impressions of the changes over the last few months are positive, except for the dialog that shows up in fullscreen mode when you press a key or move the mouse.

I have basically 2 main use cases for full-screen mode:
1: showing photos to people. I rarely use slideshow mode for this, because there's no pause, forward or back controls.

2: reviewing photos - here I regularly use the forward and next keys to move between photos, and quite often press '1' and scroll around in full resolution mode to see how sharp the picture is.

In both of these modes, the current dialog is far more annoying than useful It's near the bottom 1/3 line of the photo, where a lot of people say you should put the interesting things in your photo, and it's big, quite a bit larger vertically than it needs to be.

Having this big grey oblong rectangle on the screen while trying to view or scroll around your photo, is really annoying. I usually view my photos on a laptop with only 1024x768 resolution --- I need every pixel usable.

Some specific suggestions:

1: make the dialog much smaller. Do you really need a drop-down to select photo transitions on it? Can't this be on the preferences page? Can we trim the surrounding grey space? Or make the window transparent?

2: move it to a corner of the screen - it's far less likely to be in the way there

3: don't show it when a valid action key is pressed. If I press the 'next' or 'previous' key --- you shouldn't pop up the dialog. Also don't show it when the mouse is moving with the mouse button pressed. If I'm panning around a zoomed in picture, I don't want to see the dialog.

Normally I'd just put my code where my mouth is and submit a patch --- but I've been really busy lately, and I'm not sure I'll have time to look at the code...


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