Re: Could not create a wiki account

On 23/09/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
Using CVS (or 0.2.1) gives you the following

> ./f-spot --help
> Usage f-spot [OPTION. ..]
>   --import [uri]                        import from the given uri
>   --view <file>                         view a file or directory
>   --basedir <dir>                       <dir> where the photo database is located
>   --photodir <dir>                      import photos in <dir>
>   --shutdown                            shutdown a running f-spot server
>   --slideshow                           display a slideshow
>   --debug                               run f-spot with mono in debug mode
>   --help                                view this message

Observe the --photodir and --basedir options.

I agree, this should be on the wiki now

I actually have a page in the works for that. But go ahead and finish
yours, if you want I can send you what I've done so far.


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