Re: Mission Statement - Summary

On 9/21/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
f-spot allows both the casual and professional photographer to manage
their digital photos in an easy and intuitive manner.  It provides
simple ways to perform common tasks like searching for a specific photo,
while supporting the complex workflows required by the professional

I'm not sure how well F-Spot would work for a professional.

F-Spot helps you manage your digital photos in a powerful yet
highly-intuitive way.  It provides easy ways to perform common tasks
like finding a certain photo or photos quickly, organizing photos via
tags, doing minor touchups, and sharing photos with friends and family.

s/finding a certain photo or photos/finding certain photos/

Also, we are discussing other types of organization, not just tags.
With the mentioned modifications, I like this one the best.

F-spot is a free and open photo management application designed to let
you easily view, organize and share your photos with friends and

My Dad runs from anything with the word "free" on it. It took a long
time before he would use Firefox on Windows 98SE.

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