Re: Time handling in F-Spot

On 01/10/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
F-Spot stores the time today as UTC time, and everything internally is
done in UTC time, which you as a user do not see, nor should know about.
So, from that perspective, there would be no difference.
Only from the storing of the time in the Embedded XMP data, as well as
actually getting the time correct in the first place :)

As long as the user doesn't see it, then the way F-Spot works
internally doesn't matter to him. However, other XMP-compliant tools
may give them strange results, if they display in UTC and the user was
expecting local time.

So, to recapitulate:

1) From user, there would be no difference, all photos would be
displayed in local time. (Not quite sure how the sorting would affect
this, if you have photos from two timezones though!) Comments?

Sounds good that all the photos would be displayed in local time. And
they will be sorted in the order that they were shot- very logical
asuming that is the case.

2) The embedded XMP information would show the accurate local time the
photo was taken, with timezone.


3) The EXIF would be the local time when the photo was taken, without

4) The time would be stored as UTC in the SQlite database.

5) The import gui would have to be done as simple as possible.
Preferably with as little "scary" impact on the user as possible.
Perhaps an Advance import button, where you can specify the two extra

And the Adjust Time dialog must be fixed.

Dotan Cohen

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