Re: slideshow vs. fullscreen

Hi Warren,

I finally have some time to get back to f-spot and I find myself
agreeing with some of the points you wrote here. 

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 22:02 -0400, Warren Baird wrote:
> I think that at any point in full screen mode, a user should be able to 
> press a key to start a slideshow --- and conversely in slideshow mode if 
> the user pauses the slideshow they should have all of the functionality 
> available in fullscreen mode.
> This is certainly the behaviour I'd prefer --- it's similar to what I'm 
> used to from iPhoto, but it also seems like a fairly natural way to 
> work...  When I'm reviewing photos I might start out slideshowing the 
> pics --- then when I see an interesting one I can pause, zoom in and 
> scroll around (eventually I want to be able to add tags, etc.) while 
> paused I should be able to navigate to previous and next images easily, etc.

As a user I have found myself wishing exactly the same thing just
recently. I recently returned from a holiday with about 550 photos and I
work in a very similar way to do my initial cull. I would find this sort
of enhancement to the slide mode extremely useful.

> Currently I really dislike full-screen mode because the incremental 
> redraw is *really* annoying --- on my 3 month old dell d410 laptop 
> (pentium M 1.7 ghz) it takes 3-4 seconds to draw an image with no load 
> on the system.  When there's anything else going on it can take 20s or 
> more.  It is substantially faster to redraw in slideshow mode, and the 
> perceptible speed is even better, as long as you view each image for a 
> few seconds, the image appears immediately.

I also find the incremental redraw slow on my AMD athlon 64 3400+
(2.2Ghz 64 bit processor). I really wouldn't have expected this as I
consider my machine to be fairly decent even though it is nearly 2 years
old now.

> What I envision is probably moving the missing functionality from 
> slide-show mode into fullscreen mode (timers, pre-caching, etc.) and 
> then the slideshow button would just put you in fullscreen mode with the 
> slideshow timers turned on...   This way if more functionality is added 
> to fullscreen mode in the future (like setting tags, etc.) - it's 
> automatically available in slide-show mode...
> Does this make sense?

This sounds pretty reasonable to me. I'd be very keen to see some
changes/enhancements like these!

James Fitzsimons

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