Re: Import Patch and Iview tags...

Bengt Thuree wrote:
Hi Warren,

Would it be possible for you to create a bug, and attach your patch to it?
(The latest one is that the two separate patches that I need to load?)

Hi Bengt,

I'll try to get that done tonight...   I was kinda waiting for feedback
on my question about performance for creating new tags.   I'm reasonably
sure this has nothing to do with my patch, so I should be able to submit
the patch now.

I've imported about 5000 photos so far and it seems to work well - aside
from the performance problems when creating new tags...

I can continue to test/verify your patch if you want, and perhaps even add
to it to ensure that my tags are included  :) :)

That would be great!

I will try to find sometime in the next week to dig deeper into this, for
me, black hole.


Sounds good...


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