Re: 30+ patches in BugZilla.

Op wo, 17-05-2006 te 16:35 +0900, schreef Bengt Thuree:
> HEAD should not always be perfect. The relased stable versions should be
> more reliable. Or?

Sorry to bring this up here, but I think CVS is seriously holding
development back in situations like this.

Using a modern distributed version control system would make maintaining
different branches a triviality, and even Subversion would make creating
stable and experimental branches easier.
I don't know what the current status is, and don't expect the GNOME
project to make the rather brave step to a distributed version control
system, but am expecting a move to Subversion for a while now...

And more on-topic, I think Brengt is right. F-Spot is clearly atracting
a lot of users and possible contributers, and you don't want to just
'wait' them away :)

Martijn Vermaat
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

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